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Chopper Read attended a writing school I gave for inmates at Risdon Prison in Hobart many years ago. Even if I hadnt known about his hacked-off ears and his criminal history, Id have found him powerful and compelling.
— Garry Disher —

We need more bodies, 'cause it's not looking enough like the last scene in Hamlet already.
Chopper Jim Chopin

— Dana Stabenow

The axe is the healthiest implement that man ever handled, and is especially so for habitual writers and other sedentary workers, whose shoulders it throws back, expanding their chests, and opening their lungs. If every youth and man, from fifteen to fifty years old, could wield an axe two hours per day, dyspepsia would vanish from the earth, and rheumatism become decidedly scarce. I am a poor chopper, yet the axe is my doctor and delight. Its used gives the mind just enough occupation to prevents its falling into revery or absorbing trains of thought, while every muscle in the body receives sufficient, yet not exhausting, exercise.

— Horace Greeley

I ride a Harley and a chopper. Those are the two bikes I ride the most.

— Ben Roethlisberger

I'm trying to open a Chopper shop this year.

— Noah Hathaway

They did not submit to the obvious alternative, which was simply to close the eyes and fall. So easy, really. Go limp and tumble to the ground and let the muscles unwind and not speak and not budge until your buddies picked you up and lifted you into the chopper that would roar and dip its nose and carry you off to the world. A mere matter of falling, yet no one ever fell. It was not courage, exactly; the object was not valor. Rather, they were too frightened to be cowards.

— Tim O'Brien

They sat smoking the dead mans dope until the chopper came

— Tim O'Brien

We were empty nesters, our last-born child having departed for Duke. Meredith decided we needed a dog to fill the vacuum. She heard about a litter in Colorado sired by Chopper, the legendary avalanche dog at the top of Aspen Mountain.

— Tom Brokaw

As a child, I was influenced by a great deal but in particular the 1969 film Easy Rider exerted quite a bit of influence in that I longed for a Harley Davison chopper motorcycle so that I could pretend to be one of the lead characters from that particular film, either Wyatt or Billy, (played respectively by Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper).
The closest I got to realise this dream was back in 1971 when the chopper bike was the craze throughout the nation. It even had gears! The big padded seat was comfortable for your backside and you really thought you were one of the gang from Easy Rider on your Harley Davidson.

— Stephen Richards

The Photography is a chopper which in the eternity seizes the moment which dazzled it.

— Henri Cartier-Bresson

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