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Can We Be Best Friends Quotes

Books are the best friends you can have; they inform you, and entertain you, and they dont talk back.
— John Steinbeck —

Gaston Boissier, who wrote in the mid-nineteenth century what is still one of the most charming and witty books on Cicero, observed: He always belonged to the best party [i.e., the optimates]  ...  only he made it a rule not to serve his party; he was contented with giving it his good wishes. But these good wishes were the warmest imaginable. ... His reserve only began when it was necessary to act. ... The more we think about it, the less we can imagine the reasons he could give [his friends] to justify his conduct.

— Anthony Everitt

But after all
I say this as a kind of afterthought in conclusion
why bother with success at all? I have observed that the successful people get very little real enjoyment out of life. In fact the contrary is true. If I had to choose
with an eye to having a really pleasant life
between success and ruin, I should prefer ruin every time. I have several friends who are completely ruined
some two or three times
in a large way of course; and I find that if I want to get a really good dinner, where the champagne is just as it ought to be, and where hospitality is unhindered by mean thoughts of expense, I can get it best at the house of a ruined man.

— Stephen Leacock

So, as I was saying, guys and girls can be friends.
Best friends.
And what's better than falling in love with your best friend?

— Elizabeth Eulberg

I certainly should have,' he agrees, smiling and thinking what an absurd and universally-accepted bit of nonsense it is, that your best friends must necessarily be the ones who best understand you. As if there weren't far too much understanding in the world already; above all, that understanding between lovers, celebrated in song and story, which is actually such torture that no two of them can bear it without frequent separations or fights.

— Christopher Isherwood

My best friends are books, I can easily read them and take them wherever I go.

— Deborah Roberts

So every year when Christmas comes, I realize a new, the best gift life can offer is having friends like you.

— Helen Steiner Rice

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