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Busted Heart Quotes

Is that any way to talk to your betrothed?" His syrupy voice set her skin to itching. Eden gathered her shawl a bit more tightly about her. "Im not your betrothed, Sheriff. I refused your proposal three weeks ago." "And nearly busted my heart in the process, but I forgive you.
— Karen Witemeyer —

You could run, and I could stay to fend them off," the vampire offered. "For some reason, I feel amazingly refreshed." He swung an amused look at Declan that made him grind his teeth. "And it seems I'm quite handy against them."
Natalya tossed away her busted TEP-C. "So, Lothaire, you're going to fight them out of the blackness of your heart?

— Kresley Cole

Jacob remained by Mollie's side throughout the night, clinging to her hand as well as to her vow. She wasn't going to leave him. She'd given her word, and Mollie never broke a promise. He prayed. He tended the cuts she'd suffered from the blackberry brambles when she'd fallen. The vines had grown entangled within a cedar's branches, and as best he could tell, she'd climbed the tree in order to reach the ripe berries that other pickers had left behind. Unfortunately, the limb she'd shimmied out on had been weak and had broken beneath her weight. "You know, this tree climbing and dropping through busted church floors is going to have to stop after we're married. My heart won't be able to take the stress." He smiled and ran the back of his finger down the smooth line of her cheek. "Not that I expect any dictate I give you to have much effect. My only hope is that you'll grow to care enough about me that you'll take pity on me and cease taking unnecessary risks with your life.

— Karen Witemeyer

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