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Brain And Body Quotes

Resentment, anger, frustration, worry, disappointment-negative emotional states, justified or not, take a toll on your heart, brain and body. Dont let justified emotions rob your health and well-being.
— Howard Martin —

Yes, I'm hungry. Horny, too! The thought of feeding from you is a most delectable idea and it's playing havoc with my brain as well as other parts of my body.
He sat up and scooted closer to me ...

— Tish Thawer

It is not customary to refer to organisms when we talk about brain
and mind. It has been so obvious that mind arises from the activity
of neurons that only neurons are discussed as if their operation
could be independent from that of the rest of the organism. But as I
investigated disorders of memory, language, and reason in numerous
human beings with brain damage, the idea that mental activity, from
its simplest aspects to its most sublime, requires both brain and body
proper became especially compelling.

— Antonio R. Damasio

In the end, what I love most about contemporary yoga is its ability to
synthesize the everyday with the extraordinary, the practical with the
visionary, the mundane with the sacred. I love that yoga can work to
release my tense muscles, negative emotions, and psychic detritus at the
same time. That it can connect me to my body in ways that create new
neural pathways in my brain. That it offers a practical tool for coping
with everyday stress, as well as an intuitive opening to the hidden magic
of everyday life.

— Carol Horton

Caffeine dehydrates the brain and body.

— Daniel G. Amen

I believe that there is a direct parallel between the condition of your body and the condition of your brain. When you release the stiffness in your body, you are also creating flexibility in your brain. You become the instinctive, spontaneous healer of your own body and mind.

— Ilchi Lee

Rape and sexual assault ... should be understood not just as a form of forced sex, they should also be understood as as a form of injury to the brain and body, and even as a variant of castration.

— Naomi Wolf

My brain and body and nervous system, they see a plane ride, a long plane trip, as an opportunity to sleep with nothing coming in, nothing to do. I just go offline the minute I'm on the plane.

— Anthony Bourdain

The brain is a muscle, and I'm a kind of body-builder.

— Karl Lagerfeld

It struck me that perhaps a lot of the people you see walking about are dead. We say that a man's dead when his heart stops and not before. It seems a bit arbitrary. After all, parts of your body don't stop working -hair goes on growing for years, for instance. Perhaps a man really dies when his brain stops, when he loses the power to take in a new idea. Old Porteous is like that. Wonderfully learned, wonderfully good taste - but he's not capable of change. Just says the same things and thinks the same thoughts over and over again. There are a lot of people like that. Dead minds, stopped inside. Just keep moving backwards and forwards on the same little track, getting fainter all the time, like ghosts.

— George Orwell

The actual atoms and molecules that make up my brain and body today are not the same ones that I was born with on September 8, 1954, a half-century ago this month.

— Michael Shermer

Continuous scans of the brain to measure changes in blood flow) could control a robot hundreds of miles away just by imagining moving different parts of his body. The subject could see from the robot's perspective, thanks to a camera on its head, and when he thought about moving his arm or his legs, the robot would move correspondingly almost instantaneously. The possibilities of thought-controlled motion, not only for "surrogates" like separate robots but also for prosthetic limbs, are particularly exciting in what they portend for mobility-challenged or "locked in" individuals-spinal-cord-injury patients, amputees and others who cannot communicate or move in their current physical state.

— Eric Schmidt

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll is all my brain and body need. Sex, drugs, and rock and roll is very good indeed.

— Ian Dury

We all experience 'soul moments' in life-when we see a magnificent sunrise, hear the call of the loon, see the wrinkles in our mother's hands, or smell the sweetness of a baby. During these moments, our body, as well as our brain, resonates as we experience the glory of being a human being.

— Marion Woodman

The only thing I use my body for is to carry my brain around.

— Thomas A. Edison

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