Boyfriend Hurt You Quotes

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Boyfriend Hurt You Quotes

Is it just me, or is that guy the coolest boyfriend ever invented?" "Its not just you." And there was that same dull pain-the one I get sometimes when I see the two of them together and realize Ill never have that. I gave Amanda a smile. "Hes great. Im really happy for you." And that was a hundred percent true. But it didnt make it hurt any less.
— Robin Brande —

I will protect you," she promised the Bosendorfer inside. "I won't let you down."
Sophie gave her a quizzical look.
"Bastards better not hurt my piano," Miranda replied.
"That's what you're worried about right now? What about your boyfriend?

— Dianne Sylvan

"Hello there, cutie," he drawled. "I thought I smelled you."
"How's the leg?"
His grin turned a little less friendly, more bared teeth than smile. "Hurt like a son of a b*tch."
"Sorry about that."
"I bet you are."
He stepped closer. I stepped back.
"Don't worry," he said. "I forgive you for the leg. I like a little spirit in my fillies." His look sent a shiver through me. "Makes them more fun to break. Now where's that big ox of a boyfriend?"
He moved toward me, I sidestepped, leading him away.
"You wanna play chase, cutie? I'm really good at it. How about we let your boyfriend and Ramon have their fun while we have ours and-?"

— Kelley Armstrong

Hi, Dean," Allie says breathlessly.
"Hey, Allie." His voice is like hot water sliding over a polished floor. "How's that boyfriend of yours treating you?"
Allie smiles, her face getting a little pink. "Really well, thanks."
"Good." Dean reaches out to give my long ponytail a gentle tug. "And how's that husband of yours treating you, Liv?"
I meet his gaze, my heart thumping at the potent combi- nation of heat and tenderness in his eyes. "He does all right."
"Guess he'd better work harder, huh?"
"Couldn't hurt."
"God, you two. Get a room." Allie fans herself with a magazine and rolls her eyes.

— Nina Lane

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