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Bonanza Quotes

Your first big trouble can be a bonanza if you live through it. Get through the first trouble, and youll probably make it through the next one.
— Ruth Gordon —

A lot of life boils down to the question of whether a person is going to be able to realize his fantasies, or else end up surviving only through compromises he can't face up to. The way I figure it, Heaven and Hell are right here on Earth. Heaven is living in your hopes and Hell is living in your fears. It's up to each individual which one he chooses. - Bonanza Jellybean

— Tom Robbins

I have brought you half of my pancakes," said Gollie.
"And I have removed one of my outrageous socks," said Bink. "It's a compromise bonanza!

— Kate DiCamillo

I had that upbringing. Of watching 'Bonanza,' watching 'Hee Haw,' which both black and white would watch. I rode horses. I did gun spinning as a kid. I do these things.

— Jamie Foxx

The Reagan years really were a bonanza for the rich; you didn't imagine that.

— Timothy Noah

I watched American TV shows: Starsky & Hutch, Dallas, Rockford Files, Bonanza. And for many summers growing up, I worked on my aunt and uncle's farm in East Anglia. Down the street was an American cemetery for the Second World War, and every Memorial Day an American bomber would fly over that cemetery and drop rose petals.

— Scott Raab

Who says we didn't have controversial subjects on TV back in my time? Remember Bonanza? It was about three guys in high heels living together

— Milton Berle

You do the work and you want people to see it; but, um while I'm doing the work, the result doesn't matter at all to me. Ultimately, I don't, I don't care whether the film is - you know - some big giant box-office bonanza and I don't care if its a complete flop. To me, when a film gets made and it's actually finished it's a success. They're all a success in their own way.

— Johnny Depp

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