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Body Talk Quotes

Let me hear your body talk.
— Olivia Newton-John —

Like food is to the body, self-talk is to the mind. Don't let any junk thoughts repeat in your head.

— Maddy Malhotra

You say you just want to be my friend. I know that you mean you want to relate to my mind but not my body. I can understand that and will not ask you to relate to me in a way that you don't want to, or talk to me about subjects you find uncomfortable. But likewise I refuse to castrate myself for you by pretending not to have the feelings I have. If you want me as your friend you will have to accept my penis along with me.

— Hugh Prather

I have three tools at my disposal - my whistle, my body language and my talk. It is a question of how I marry them up to try to get the players around to my way of thinking.

— Alan Lewis

Bandage any part of your body
If people ask about it, make a story and tell
If people do not ask about it,
draw their attention to it and tell
If people forget about it, remind
them of it and keep telling.
Do not talk about anything else

— Yoko Ono

When speechless, let body do the talk.

— Toba Beta

Sometimes we don't need to eat or drink as much as we do, but it has become a kind of addiction. We feel so lonely. Loneliness is one of the afflictions of modern life. It is similar to the Third and Fourth Precpets
we feel lonely, so we engage in conversation, or even in a sexual relationship, hoping that the feeling of loneliness will go away. Drinking and eating can also be the result of loneliness. You want to drink or overeat in order to forget your loneliness, but what you eat may bring toxins into your body. When you are lonely, you open the refrigerator, watch TV, read magazines or novels, or pick up the telephone to talk. But unmindful consumption always makes things worse (68).

— Thich Nhat Hanh

People always talk about how diet is such a massive part of training, but they think that if they cheat all the time they can somehow out-do the damage in the gym. The key is to keep it balanced and stay on the diet and do the hard work, and when you push through your body will really start to respond.

— Daniel Cudmore

Let me hear your body talk.

— Olivia Newton-John

I want to get physical, let's get into physical, let me hear your body talk, your body talk.

— Olivia Newton-John

I stroll along, talk, I sign books, people buy me drinks, I forget where my hotel is, I get lost and fall into some local body of water ... done it hundreds of times.

— Terry Pratchett

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