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Bitterly Quotes

Mrs. dUrberville was not the first mother compelled to love her offspring resentfully, and to be bitterly fond.
— Thomas Hardy —

That which is hard to do is best done bitterly.

— John Hodgman

This wasn't in the histories", Raistlin murmured to himself, staring down at the little wretched bodies, his brow furrowed. His eyes flashed. "Perhaps", he breathed, "this means time has already been altered?"
For long moments he sat there, pondering. Then suddenly he understood.
None saw Raistlin's face, hidden as it was by his hood, or they would have noted a swift, sudden spasm of sorrow and anger pass across it.
"No," he said to himself bitterly, "the pitiful sacrifice of these poor creatures was left out of the histories not because it did not happen. It was left out simply because-"
He paused, staring grimly down at the small, broken bodies. "No one cared ...

— Tracy Hickman

Mrs. d'Urberville was not the first mother compelled to love her offspring resentfully, and to be bitterly fond.

— Thomas Hardy

Alas I have quarreled so dreadfully with Charles that I am obliged to seek refuge at Lacy Manor!" She said mournfully.
"And have doubtless left a note behind you to inform him of this!"
"Of course!"
"I foresee a happy meeting!" he commented bitterly.
"That," she acknowledged, "was the difficulty! But I think I can overcome it. I promise you, Charlbury, you shall come out of it with a whole skin-sell, no, perhaps not quite that, but very nearly!

— Georgette Heyer

Hope greets your desires warmly while doubts insult your efforts bitterly!

— Israelmore Ayivor

How bitterly glad I am to see you. You bring joy and pain in equal measure. Joy because you are with me, but pain because it won't be for long. What do you know about the sea? Nothing. What do I know about the sea? Nothing. Without a driver this bus is lost. Our lives are over. Come aboard if your destination is oblivion
It should be our next stop. We can sit together. You can have the window seat, if you want. But it's a sad view. Oh enough of this disembling. Let me say plainly: I love you, I love you, I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. Not the spiders, please.

— Yann Martel

We beat the drum slowly and played the fife lowly,
and bitterly wept as we bore him along.
For we all loved our comrade so brave, young and handsome,
we all loved our comrade although he'd done wrong.
The Cowboy's Lament

— Leif Enger

How grudging memory is, and how bitterly she clutches the raw material of her daily work.

— Lawrence Durrell

Will pushed his hands through his damp hair. "Oh, yes," he said bitterly. "Perhaps in some other life, beyond this one, when we have passed beyond the river, or turned upon the Wheel, or whatever kind words you want to use to describe leaving this world, I shall find my friend again, my parabatai. But I have lost you now-now, when I need you more than I ever did!

— Cassandra Clare

Two whores who finally found something to mother. A guy could write a book about it, he thought bitterly, call it From Hair To Maternity. It would probly be a very long book. Whores did not produce as fast as rabbits.

— James Jones

Yes, madam: yet I cannot choose but laugh,
To think it should leave crying and say 'Ay.'
And yet, I warrant, it had upon its brow
A bump as big as a young cockerel's stone;
A parlous knock; and it cried bitterly:
'Yea,' quoth my husband,'fall'st upon thy face?
Thou wilt fall backward when thou comest to age;
Wilt thou not, Jule?' it stinted and said 'Ay.

— William Shakespeare

Science has often resisted new ideas and fought bitterly to prevent them coming on board.

— Graham Hancock

If you will believe me, you who are young, yours is the golden season of life. As you have heard it called, so it verily is, the seed-time of life; in which, if you do not sow, or if you sow tares instead of wheat, you cannot expect to reap well afterwards, and you will arrive at little. And in the course of years when you come to look back, if you have not done what you have heard from your advisers,-and among many counsellors there is wisdom,-you will bitterly repent when it is too late.

— Thomas Carlyle

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