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Big Papa Quotes

Son, you cant go around painting yourself black, you hear?" "Why not, Papa?" "Because theyll take you away." "Why?" "Because you shouldnt want to be like black people or Jewish people or anyone who is ... not us." "Who are Jewish people?" "You know my oldest customer, Mr. Kaufmann? Where we bought your shoes?" "Yes." "Well, hes Jewish." "I didnt know that. Do you have to pay to be Jewish? Do you need a license?" ... " ... youve got beautiful blond hair and big safe blue eyes. You should be happy with that; is that clear?
— Markus Zusak —

Papa, ain't it a caution that we can only eat two legs off a frog, 'stead of four."
And he said: "Rob, here's what you do. You catch a real big bullfrog and make friends with him. And teach him to jump backwards. That'll make his front legs big as the hind.

— Robert Newton Peck

If you want to grow up to be a big, strong pea, you have to eat your candy, Papa Pea would say.

— Amy Krouse Rosenthal

They walked on in silence for a while, until Rudy said, "I just wish I was like Jesse Owens, Papa." This time, Mr. Steiner placed his hand on Rudy's head and explained, "I know, son-but you've got beautiful blond hair and big, safe blue eyes. You should be happy with that; is that clear?" But nothing was clear.

— Markus Zusak

At your tongue every few minutes." "I will not slow you down. I am a good enough rider." "I will not be stopping at boardinghouses with warm beds and plates of hot grub on the table. It will be traveling fast and eating light. What little sleeping is done will take place on the ground." "I have slept out at night. Papa took me and Little Frank coon hunting last summer on the Petit Jean." "Coon hunting?" "We were out in the woods all night. We sat around a big fire and Yarnell told ghost stories. We had a good time." "Blast coon hunting! This ain't no coon hunt, it don't come in forty miles of being a coon hunt!" "It is the same idea as a coon hunt. You are just trying to make your

— Charles Portis

Funkers are people who dig the funk; Little funkers, Big funkers, Old funkers, Young funkers, Foxy funkers, Mother funkers, Papa funkers.

— Rick James

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