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Being Peaceful Quotes

This is heartbreaking and consuming and addictive. Its terrifying and peaceful, crazy and serene. Its a million things in one brief moment and its something I dont understand and never want to live without.
— Katie McGarry —

I'm also discovering that while they seem to believe that I do not require sleep, my husband (who also doubles as their father) has the ability to morph into an invisible and supremely evasive nocturnal being, with powers so stealthy as to evade capture by the aliens [children] that had invaded our once peaceful and quiet habitat [bedroom at night].

— Dallas Louis

Ever peaceful be you slumber
Though your days were few in number
On this earth-spite took its toll-
Yet shall heaven have your soul
With pure love we did regard you
For your loved one did we guard you
But you came not to the groom
Only to a chill dark tomb

— Alexander Pushkin

Call me a bad private eye, but I came to the conclusion that nobody is happy with what they've got. You have a healthy relationship, then, you look for a spicy one. You have an unhealthy relationship, your struggle is to find a peaceful one.

— Merce Cardus

By knowing the fundamental rules of life and aligning with the same one can live a happy and peaceful life.

— Thomas Vazhakunnathu

This is heartbreaking and consuming and addictive. It's terrifying and peaceful, crazy and serene. It's a million things in one brief moment and it's something I don't understand and never want to live without.

— Katie McGarry

A candle, a book and a peaceful person mean three candles for the world!

— Mehmet Murat Ildan

He felt his arms ache and, looking down, saw that the girl had stopped struggling. There came that point, that sudden, blissful point, when it was useless to go on living, and when the mind and body came to accept that such was the case. That was a beautiful, peaceful moment, the most relaxed moment of one's life.

— Ian Rankin

The year since then had been peaceful and prosperous, and in some ways the mood was lighter in the castle with Josh and Poppy installed as King and Queen in place of Quentin and Julia, Fillory's brooders-in-chief.

— Lev Grossman

Nothing is really more inhuman than human relations based on morals. When a man gives bread in order to be charitable, lives with a woman in order to be faithful, eats with a Negro in order to be unprejudiced, and refuses to kill in order to be peaceful, he is as cold as a clam. He does not actually see the other person. Only a little less chilly is the benevolence springing from pity, which acts to remove suffering because it finds the sight of it disgusting. But

— Alan W. Watts

It is the responsibility of all of us to remind governments of their commitments to settle disputes by peaceful means and to negotiate in good faith under the UN Charter, and to denounce war agitation particularly by the media.

— Alfred-Maurice De Zayas

God wants nothing from you but the gift of a peaceful heart.

— Meister Eckhart

Meditation is that dimension of science which focuses on creating the right kind of interior, so that you can live a peaceful and joyous life.

— Jaggi Vasudev

But in almost every province of the Roman world, an army of fanatics, without authority and without discipline, invaded the peaceful inhabitants; and the ruin of the fairest structures of antiquity still displays the ravages of those barbarians who alone had time and inclination to execute such laborious destruction.

— Edward Gibbon

If a viper lives in your room and you wish to have a peaceful sleep, you must first chase it out.

— Gautama Buddha

Nothing will convince and convict those around us like the peaceful and positive way you and I respond to our twentieth century hurts and distress. The unbelieving world-your neighbors, the guy at the gas station, the postman, the lady at the cleaners, your boss at work-is observing the way we undergo our trials.

— Joni Eareckson Tada

Conflicts between nations will continue to arise. The real issue is whether they are to be resolved by force, or by resort to peaceful methods and procedures, administered by impartial institutions.

— Haile Selassie

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