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Beauty By God Quotes

Only God may be adored, because only God is unlimited goodness, truth, and beauty, and thus only God deserves unlimited love.
— Peter Kreeft —

Our desire is to help you embrace the beauty of the life God has given you. We wrote Plain Wisdom to encourage you to accept yourself,forgive yourself, challenge yourself,laugh at yourself, and most important,see yourself through God's eyes of love.For when you do,you will find the freedom to truly enjoy your life.

— Cindy Woodsmall

That's why she felt entitled to be filthy rich. It explains and excuses a lot. She didn't want money because money was power; she wanted it because she'd been poor, and money cures poverty. [ ... ] But beauty is like money from God. And Mom has always been beautiful.

— Sean Wilsey

You're beautiful, fuck me, seriously, so goddamned beautiful sometimes, sweat to God, I think I can't look at you any longer because if I do, your beauty will burn out my eyes.

— Kristen Ashley

It is man who has introduced a little grace, beauty, unknown charm and mystery into creation by singing about it, interpreting it, by admiring it as a poet, idealizing it as an artist and by explaining it through science, doubtless making mistakes, but finding ingenious reasons, hidden grace and beauty, unknown charm and mystery in the various phenomena of Nature. God created only coarse beings, full of the germs of disease, who, after a few years of bestial enjoyment, grow old and infirm, with all the ugliness and all the want of power of human decrepitude.

— Guy De Maupassant

Believers should be wary of overzealous attempts to prescribe "biblical sex," when sex-like beauty and like God-remains shaded with mystery. Paul likened it to the mystery of Christ's love for the Church, the writer of Proverbs to the inscrutable way of an eagle in the sky. If Christians have learned anything from our rocky two-thousand-year theological history, it's that we make the most beautiful things ugly when we try to systematize mystery. Even the writers of Scripture knew that some things were simply beyond their grasp.

— Rachel Held Evans

Don't let go of your strength or your beauty. It was given to you by God.

— Donald Miller

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