Ball Field Quotes

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Ball Field Quotes

Ive always tried to do my best on the ball field. I cant do any more than that. I always give one hundred percent; and if my team loses, I come back and give one hundred percent the next day.
— Jesse Barfield —

And this was what we felt: vertigo, an icicle through our strong hearts, our long-lost childhoods. Sunshine in a field and crickets and the sweet tealeaf stink of a new ball mitt and a rock glinting with mica and a chaw of bubblegum wrapping its sweet tendrils down our throats and the warm breeze up our shorts and the low vibrato of lake loons and the sun and the sun and the warm sun and this is what we felt; the sun.

— Lauren Groff

I learned early on to never walk while I was on the ball field. I ran everywhere I went.

— Enos Slaughter

If I was crazy, I'd throw the ball into the stands with the bases loaded. Now, that's crazy. If I was stupid, I'd throw the ball into center field with the bases loaded and a 3-2 count on the hitter. Now, that's stupid.

— Joaquin Andujar

We wept, Brooklyn was a lovely place to hit. If you got a ball in the air, you had a chance to get it out. When they tore down Ebbets Field, they tore down a little piece of me.

— Duke Snider

It's hard to field the ball when you have both hands around your throat.

— Gary Gaetti

I don't know if people know how hard it is to get a hit or how hard it is to field a ground ball. It's an easy game in principal, but to actually execute the game it's very difficult.

— Morgan Ensberg

One day he [Wagner] was batting against a young pitcher who had just come into the league. The catcher was a kid, too . The pitcher threw Honus a curve ball, and he swung at it and missed and fell down. Looked helpless as a robin. I was kind of surprised, but the guy sitting next to me poked me in the ribs and said, 'Watch this next one.' Those kids figured they had the old man's weakness, you see, and served him up the same dish - as he knew they would. Well, Honus hit a line drive so hard the fence in left field went back and forth for five minutes.

— Burleigh Grimes

(Roberto) Clemente could field the ball in New York and throw out a guy in Pennsylvania.

— Vin Scully

So many QBs throw the ball down the field, that's wrong. Watch Aaron Rodger throw it up the field

— Phil Simms

What happened to me is that as I grew up, I found that I was smart. My mother had insisted on that you see. Oh, but I loved to play ball. I loved the physical aspect. So you have one leg in one field, and one leg in the other and you're nowhere.

— Alexander Lowen

The unique thing about bodybuilding is that when I compete it is just me on a stage alone. There is no field, no bat, no ball, no skis, no skates. All other athletes have to use equipment, like a football. But I don't use anything in competition except myself. It's just me up there. Me alone. No coach. No nothing.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger

I did not see the sense in chasing a little white ball around a field.

— Calvin Coolidge

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