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Ba Beyond Quotes

I dont know if there is any one secret to successful writing, but one important step is to move beyond imitation and discover what you can write that no one else can - that is, find out who you are and write that in an appropriate narrative and style.
— James Gunn —

Conclude that your are worth achieving beyond your expectations

— Gino Norris

You swim and you keep swimming without a thought in your head because that's what you have to do. And you do the push-ups and you jog and you do all the things beyond exhaustion because you have to. Then one day you'll discover you're in the zone and you don't feel your legs anymore, you don't feel your arms anymore. You exist just as motion. That's the zone. Then you can do anything.

— Lisa Gardner

A pioneer family lived beyond the reach of shopping malls ...

— Stephen Baxter

It was orbital, it was mag, it was beyond the ult.

— J.D. Robb

You're not . . . normal, Clara. You try to pretend you are. But you're not. You talked to a grizzly bear, and it obeyed you. Birds follow you like a Disney cartoon, or haven't you noticed? And for a while after you came back from Idaho Falls, Wendy thought you were on the run from someone or something. You're good at everything you try. You ride a horse like you were born in the saddle, you ski perfect parallel turns your first time on the hill, you apparently speak fluent French and Korean and who knows what else. Yesterday I noticed that your eyebrows kind of glitter in the sun. And there's something about the way you move, something that's beyond graceful, something that's beyond human, even. It's like you're . . . something else.

— Cynthia Hand

Japanese staff who claim not to know a word of English beyond "awesome" and "sucks", which for a vast range of human endeavour, actually, is more than enough ...

— Thomas Pynchon

Libraries are a force for good. They wear capes. They fight evil. They don't get upset when you don't send them a card on their birthdays. (Though they will charge you if you're late returning a book.) They serve communities. The town without a library is a town without a soul. The library card is a passport to wonders and miracles, glimpses into other lives, religions, experiences, the hopes and dreams and strivings of ALL human beings, and it is this passport that opens our eyes and hearts to the world beyond our front doors, that is one of our best hopes against tyranny, xenophobia, hopelessness, despair, anarchy, and ignorance. Libraries are the torch of the world, illuminating the path when it feels too dark to see. We mustn't allow that torch to be extinguished.

— Libba Bray

This, perhaps, is how lives are measured, a series of abandonments that we hope beyond reason will eventually be reconciled.

— Anthony Doerr

As a rule I had a distaste for any reading beyond my school books.

— Mahatma Gandhi

God is gracious beyond the power of language to describe.

— Francis Asbury

If two stones were placed ... near each other, and beyond the sphere of influence of a third cognate body, these stones, like two magnetic needles, would come together in the intermediate point, each approaching the other by a space proportional to the comparative mass of the other.

— Johannes Kepler

I thought of how many places there are in the world that belong in this way to someone, who has it in his blood beyond anyone else's understanding.

— Cesare Pavese

Religion is a bridge to the spiritual, but the spiritual lies beyond religion.

— Rachel Naomi Remen

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