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Aww Quotes

Would yell if a person didnt coo and aww and tell her what a beautiful mother she would make and how her daughter would surely grow up to be just like her, by all the lucky stars.
— Marissa Meyer —

Hey, so I told my hoe yesterday that ...
Aww, he talks to his shovel. How cute.

— Zechariah Barrett

Aww, come on. I don't bite ... hard.

— Aprilynne Pike

Aww, you know my verbal stingers are only poisoned with love

— Laurie Faria Stolarz

Aww, did we masturbate through the tears last night?

— Kresley Cole

Aww, did I just become the most popular person in this tent?

— Kresley Cole

Aww, come on man, I can barely handle 6 strings.

— Kenny Hickey

Yes,I'm seeing someone," Nick said. Standing beside them but hardly acknowledging them.He was watching for my answer on his phone.
"For how long?" a woman asked.
"Four years," I heard him say.
"Aww!" I squealed. Then I turned to Chloe. "Do I want to be in People?"
"No," she said firmly. "Nick is ot."
Gavin frowned and poked her in the side. "Hey."
She ducked away from his finger. "Facts are facts. Nick is hot,and when girls read People and see he's dating you,they will call you a skank ho. You and I have mooned over Prince William. We know the deal.

— Jennifer Echols

And Raphael will be joining us," Andrea said. "So you get twice the backup. Nobody will be killing you on our watch."
So that was what this was all about. I got a cookie after all. "Aww. I had no idea you cared. I'm touched."
"You should be." Andrea bit another bacon slice. "I'm willing to abandon the tender embrace of my future mother-in-law for your sake."
"About that," Aunt B said. "I'm coming, too."
Dear God, the cookie was poisoned."
12% in 'Magic Rises' by Ilona Andrews

— Ilona Andrews

Aww don't feel noways tired. I've come too faarrrrr from where I started frum.

— Hillary Clinton

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