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As A Girlfriend Quotes

[Christian Grey] didnt want me as a girlfriend. I turn on to my side. Idly, I wonder if perhaps hes celibate.
— E.L. James —

My girlfriend is as reasonable as Lady Justice, and just as blindfolded. She's tied up in the trunk this very moment.

— Jarod Kintz

Naomi's my girlfriend," I say aloud, just to test the words, see how they feel fucking across my lips. Ronnie flips a page in an old copy of Rollin' Strong magazine and ignores me.
"Yeah, we heard. Sixteen times since we came in here," Josh bitches.

— C.M. Stunich

If you can't be civil to my girlfriend you can fucking walk away.

— R.K. Lilley

Never mind that I totally knew more about fighting vampires than my peace-loving parents. Or that Logan's girlfriend, Isabeau, had given us two full-grown, trained Rottweilers to protect us, plus the Drakes sent their human bodyguards by a couple of times a night. I named them Van Helsing and Gandhi. The dogs, not the bodyguards."
"Chapter 1 Lucy, page 15

— Alyxandra Harvey

I like Jay-Z. I love Luda. I love Ledisi. I like Beyonce, of course. I think she's just brilliant. She's a triple threat. But my favorite - my all-time rapper is Tupac. See, I could have been Tupac's girlfriend.

— Stephanie Mills

At first I was always cast as the girlfriend. It was a long time before I got to play characters who were people.

— Jacqueline Bisset

Youth is like a fickle girlfriend. We can't understand or value her until she goes off with someone else, never to return.

— Carlos Ruiz Zafón

I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of, such as getting my girlfriend pregnant when I was 23 and the way I handled that.

— Steve Jobs

Advice to rock gods: drugwise, stick to Ibuprofen, decaf lattes, and pale Pilsners ... If your stomach is not a flat slab, please leave your shirt on while performing ... If your girlfriend asks you to choose between her and your music, sell your instruments immediately - especially if you're a drummer ... Finally, go easy on the supermodels, don't forget to tune, and remember: a tiny bit of dry ice and lasers goes a long way. Ditto with tattoos.

— Ian Shoales

This past Christmas, I told my girlfriend for months in advance that all I wanted was an Xbox. That's it. Beginning and end of list, Xbox. You know what she got me? A homemade frame with a picture of us from our first date together. Which was fine. Because I got her an Xbox.

— Anthony Jeselnik

In my position, I think the best thing I do is just keep girlfriend involved.

— Kid Ink

Save water. Shower with your girlfriend.

— Stephen Hawking

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