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Anything New Quotes

The world we made together is gone now. Silk and cinnamon do not bring it back to me as clearly as the smell of potatoes frying with onions, or the purr of a cat, or the feel of a knot beneath my fingers. And that in itself is proof of how the voyage changed me, who set out only wanting to see anything new and different.
— Susan Palwick —

I've got a new rule. It'll be rule No. 312. If it's three days before a campaign, don't believe anything new you hear about anybody.

— Lamar Alexander

It's never too late to do anything new when it comes to music.

— Sivamani

In '77 there was no Internet, there was no Twitter or Facebook, and I think that, without being some old git who hates anything new, people's attention spans are too short. Back then you had 'Top Of The Pops' and 'Melody Maker,' and you had to make the effort to go to a show so that you absorbed the culture of music.

— Steve Jones

The mistrust and resentment they brought with them, the way tribes feared anything new, anything from outside the camp's tight confines.

— Ian Rankin

You really can't bring about anything new with art.

— Martin Kippenberger

Anything new is a sort of adventure - as a child, I think I was quite bad at tackling new experiences, like unusual foods, and I hated new clothes or having my hair cut.

— Mini Grey

If you can't tolerate critics, don't do anything new or interesting.

— Jeff Bezos

If you've never failed, you've never tried anything new.

— Albert Einstein

We don't need to do anything new. We simply need to protect Social Security so that when people reach a certain age and are no longer earning an income, they have a safety net through which they are not going to fall.

— Debbie Wasserman Schultz

If one insists on calling all unsuccessful efforts failures the meaning of failure is really quite benign. When trying anything new or taking on any challenge, unsuccessful efforts are an essential aspect of skill building.

— Michael Josephson

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