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Answer Your Phone Quotes

Thats because it is stupid, Maddie. And thats not even the worst of it. Did you ever consider that maybe you arent the center of the world? That maybe, just maybe, I have crap going on, too? Crap that I should be able to talk to my best friend about? But have I been able to talk to you about it? No, because you wont answer your phone or return my calls. Because apparently, youve been off committing social suicide by dumping Eric. I mean, who does junk like that? Only you, Maddie, only you.
— Leah Rae Miller —

He buys Playboy magazines and looks through them once, then gives them to me. That's what it's like to be rich.
Here's what it's like to be poor. Your wife leaves you because you can't find a job because there aren't any jobs to find. You empty the jar of pennies on the mantel to buy cigarettes. You hate to answer the phone; it can't possibly be good news. When your friends invite you out, you don't go. After a while, they stop inviting. You owe them money, and sometimes they ask for it. You tell them you'll see what you can scrape up.
Which is this: nothing.

— Tom Franklin

I mean am I crazy or is it a little rude to answer your phone in the middle of a fucking song?
February 13, 2008. Milan Blood Ball

— Jared Leto

When you chronically interrupt your time with whom ever you're with to answer your phone/text you are saying that the caller is more important.

— Jayce O'Neal

And no you're not that important that you must always dismiss your current company to answer whomever is on the phone. Seriously, you're not.

— Jayce O'Neal

If you are sad, ask yourself why you are sad. Then pick up the phone and call someone and tell him the answer to the question. If you don't know anyone, call the operator and tell him. Most people don't know that the operator has to listen, it is a law. Also, the postman is not allowed to go inside your house, but you can talk to him on public property for up to four minutes or until he wants to go, whichever comes first.

— Miranda July

Stay humble. Always answer your phone - no matter who else is in the car.

— Jack Lemmon

Whereas God, for reasons of His own, sometimes chooses to let the machine answer. The Supreme Being is unavailable to come to the phone at this time, but He wants you to know what your call is important to Him. In the meantime, for sins of pride, press one. For avarice, press two ...

— Richard Russo

A cell phone rings. I can feel the vibration through Brittany's pants.
"It's hers," I say.
"Answer it," Isa Instructs.
I already feel like I've kidnapped the girl. Now I'm gonna answer her cell? Shit. Rolling her a bit, I feel for the bulge in her back pocket.
"Contesta," Isa whispers loudly, this time in Spanish.
"I am," I hiss, my fingers clumsy as I fumble for the phone.
"I'll do it," Paco says, leaning over the seats and reaching toward Brittany's ass.
I whack his hand away. "Get your hands off her."
"Geez, man, I was just tryin' to help."
My response is a glare.

— Simone Elkeles

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