Anger And Betrayal Quotes

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Anger And Betrayal Quotes

Emotions blasted into me with such force, I backed up until the wall stopped me. Then there was nowhere to go as a geyser of tormented anguish flooded me, drowning my anger under its depths. It turned into glaciers of ruthless resolve that chilled my sense of betrayal until it crystalized and shattered. Finally, an inferno of love swept over the remains, burning all my hurt with its searing, excruciatingly beautiful flames.
— Jeaniene Frost —

A mixture of feelings- love, distaste, revulsion, pity- rose in my throat ... There was an eternity to that moment, that see-sawing split- second when adoration clung and then lurched, spilling into chaos, rage, hate, anger: the desire to smash and embrace, love and destroy. Betrayal does that ... Shows you how worthless love is, when its object is indifferent, ruthless, no more than a machine for surviving.

— Liz Jensen

We have a dysfunctional dream of the planet, and humans are mentally sick with a disease called fear. The symptoms of the disease are all the emotions that make humans suffer: anger, hate, sadness, envy, and betrayal. When the fear is too great, the reasoning mind begins to fail, and we call this mental illness.

— Miguel Ruiz

Why waste my anger on you when the fault is mine? I should have anticipated another betrayal from you, one more mad grasp at some kind of childish ideal. But I seem to be a victim of my own wishes where you are concerned." His expression hardened. "What have you come here for, Alina?"
I answered him honestly. "I wanted to see you."
I caught the briefest glimpse of surprise before his face shuttered again. "There are two thrones on that dais. You could see me any time you liked.

— Leigh Bardugo

The fear really hits you. That's what you feel first. And then it's the anger and frustration. Part of the problem is how little we understand about the ultimate betrayal of the body when it rebels against itself.

— Charles Bronson

Deep down, my mom had long suspected I was gay ... Much of her anger and hurt came from her sense of betrayal that she was the last to be told.

— Chaz Bono

And here is *your* test of courage, Lord Rivenham: did memories of me ever trouble your sleep, or did the painted ladies of the court keep you sufficiently occupied?'
The barbed question did not seem to register the proper sting. 'You are of two minds,' he replied easily. 'You desire me to say I never thought of you, so you may sleep tonight without the aid of medicine, safe in the throes of your anger. But you also know that the ghost of you followed me to my bed every night - and now that I've admitted it, you will wish you'd never asked.
She threw his hand away from her. His honesty felt like a betrayal.

— Meredith Duran

Betrayal is an ironic thing. He or she betrays you then you betray yourself. You think you're showing strength with your anger, but in reality you're showing how much you still care.

— Shannon L. Alder

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