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Amusement Movie Quotes

To me, watching a movie is like going to an amusement park. My worst fear is making a film that people dont think is a good ride.
— Darren Aronofsky —

When John took those naked pictures, the most popular singer was a girl with a tiny stick body and a large deferential head, who sang in a delicious lilt of white lace and promises and longing to be close. When she shut herself up in her closet and starved herself to death, people were shocked. But starvation was in her voice all along. That was the poignancy of it. A sweet voice locked in a dark place, but focused entirely on the tiny strip of light coming under the door.
I drop the rag in the bucket and smoke some more, ashing into the sink,. A tiny piece of the movie from the naked time plays on my eyeball: A psychotic killer is blowing up amusement parks. At the head of the crowd clamoring to ride the roller coaster is a slim, lovely man with long blond hair and floppy clothes and big, beautiful eyes fixed on a tiny strip of light that only he can see.

— Mary Gaitskill

Megan, I'm pretty sure none of my family is going to break out into song like in a Bollywood movie tonight, he said, with amusement ringing in his voice.

— Katie Ashley

I love going to the movie theatre, seeing live comedy, and going to amusement parks.

— Jennette McCurdy

This is real human drama, we're not creating some amusement park ride for the summer. Even though the movie is really exciting to watch, it's got a real pathos behind it.

— John C. Reilly

I'm horrible at these things, 'cause I'm a horrible date.What's a good date? A nice dinner and a movie? I don't know. What are dates? An amusement park? What am I supposed to say? Hmm. I have no idea.

— Drake Bell

If a movie makes it really big, they do the obvious thing, right? They make an amusement park ride out of it ... The connection is obvious. You get off, "Man, that was just like the movie! Only the movie had a storyline and characters, and that was a little more like a roller coaster."

— Brian Regan

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