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Alphabet C Quotes

I truly believe the book of philosophy to be that which stands perpetually open before our eyes, though since it is written in characters different from those of our alphabet it cannot be read by everyone.
— Galileo Galilei —

Huddled around the fire of the alphabet ...

— Carole Maso

I've always thought of the T-shirt as the Alpha and Omega of the fashion alphabet.

— Giorgio Armani

You can't imagine what the Russian alphabet looks like. It's no wonder people are illiterate.

— Jonas Jonasson

Does G get angry because it follows F in the alphabet? Does page 68 in a book start a revolution because it follows 67?

— Haruki Murakami

First the FSB agent, and now the FBI. It was becoming a real alphabet soup of international espionage.

— Kenneth Eade

Over the last few millennia we've invented a series of technologies - from the alphabet to the scroll to the codex, the printing press, photography, the computer, the smartphone - that have made it progressively easier and easier for us to externalize our memories, for us to essentially outsource this fundamental human capacity.

— Joshua Foer

One day is enough to master reading in Korean. Hangeul is a very scientific and convenient alphabet system for communication.

— J.M.G. Le Clézio

If Plan A Doesn't Work, Don't Worry and Don't Stay Stuck In The Mud. Just Move On Because God Knows There's 25 Letters Left In The Alphabet & There's Always Numbers Too ;)

— Timothy Pina

Man's books are but man's alphabet, Beyond and on his lessons lie The lessons of the violet, The large gold letters of the sky; The love of beauty, blossomed soil, The large content, the tranquil toil: The toil that nature ever taught, The patient toil, the constant stir, The toil of seas where shores are wrought, The toil of Christ, the carpenter; The toil of God incessantly By palm-set land or frozen sea.

— Joaquin Miller

After sex, after coffee, after everything there is to be said
The hovering and beautiful alphabet as we form our first words after making love.
And somehow I'm still alive.

— Carole Maso

I found out I'd been signing my name wrong. You know, like with the alphabet they teach you in preschool. But I think I've got it right now.

— Vanessa Marano

The internet's a creepy thing, especially if you have kids. It says something very creepy about the fact that I use the same machine to masturbate with as I use to teach my kid the alphabet.

— Greg Giraldo

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