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Ahhh Quotes

Why do you hang out with him?" "Were teammates." Ahhh. And if blood was thicker than water, then football, evidently, would congeal in ones veins.
— Rachel Vincent —

Ahhh, teaching literature. A noble calling! For we are all stories.

— Carolyn Weber

Ahhh. Bed, book, kitten, sandwich. All one needed in life, really.

— Jacqueline Kelly

He leaned forward and plucked something out of my hair. 'What-?' He held the dead leaf before me.
'Must have gotten that rolling around with Alexi in the backyard.' I blinked and looked at him. 'That sounded so wrong.'
He nodded, eyebrow quirked. Waiting.
'I'm trying to learn a few things from your more experienced brother so I'm ready for our big event.'
His expression didn't change.
'Yee-ahhh. Not any better, huh?' I laughed. Our big event could mean two vastly different things to Pietr. 'Lemme just run through the other ways I could get this wrong: Alexi's teaching me some moves. He's trying to put the hurt on me. He was putting me into some positions I've never tried before ... I snorted. I couldn't help myself.
A muscle near Pietr's left eye twitched.
'He's teaching me to fight!' I laughed, grabbing his wrists.

— Shannon Delany

Finally, I found what seemed at the time to be a lid of some sort. Presuming it was a toilet seat (but not really caring one way or the other) I lifted it up, then dropped my shorts and began to piss. Ahhh ... success. Then I stumbled back to bed and passed out. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized what had actually happened. I woke to the sight of Junior standing over my bed with a look of disgust on his face. Hey, man. Did you pee in my suitcase?

— Dave Mustaine

A face stared up at her from the mirror beside her hand. Was that really what she looked like? Was that really what she looked like, all sharp lines and huge silver-grey eyes? Certainly, no one would ever call those features beautiful, Jame thought ruefully; but were they really enough like a boy's to have fooled that old man the alley? Well, maybe with that long black hair out of sight under a cap. It was a very young face and a defiant one, she thought with a odd sense of detachment, but frightened, too. And those extraordinary eyes ... what memories lived in them that she could not share? Stranger, where have you been she asked silently. What have you seen? The thin lips locked in their secrets.
"Ahhh!" Jame said in sudden disgust, tossing away the mirror. Fool, to be obsessed with a past she couldn't even remember. But it was all behind her now.

— P.C. Hodgell

> Roo-ah-rooo-ahhh.
>What's that?
>It's the Cute Guy Alarm.
> It sounds like a bird.

— Rainbow Rowell

I'm a goddess of destruction. Tell me honestly that you find nothing exciting about the idea of a billion people screaming out for mercy when there's no one left who cares what befalls them. Of the entire earth being rained on by all manner of demons bent on ultimate torture and sacrifice. Them ripping and shredding human flesh as they claw in a drunken frenzy fueled by their hatred of everything. Drinking blood in an orgy of terror ... ahhh, the beauty of annihilation. There's nothing like it.(Apollymi)

— Sherrilyn Kenyon

Ah, ah, ahhh ... first one gets mad, then one goes mad

— Ken Kesey

Ahhh, darlin', the women won't even glance my way."
She squeezed. "If they do, they'll learn that I'm a damn good shot.

— Carolyn Brown

An' when they git ready ... I say, when they git ... ever hear tell of a shoggoth? 'Hey, d'ye hear me? I tell ye I know what them things be - I seen 'em one mght when ... eh-ahhh-ah! e'yahhh ...

— H.P. Lovecraft

That first plunge under the shore break on a chilly fall morning. It forces a sound out of one's body that is kind of a whoo-ahhh! - shocking and refreshing all at once. You become acutely aware of your body and your surroundings, which is helpful when you're about to paddle out to sea.

— Brandon Boyd

Ahhh, Wade. Wade, you're just so stupid.

— John Cena

I didn't know I was depressed until years later. Actually, I went to the Minirth-Meier Clinic for ADD. I got tested for ADD. So, that's nice. It's nice to know you got ADD. So, that puts you on medication. Did that for years. Then got tested for clinical depression. So, finally when they tell you this, you go, 'ahhh, this is great.' So, now this explains events in your life and how you handle them. But our society frowns on it and they don't want their heroes to have these issues, but unfortunately I do.

— Terry Bradshaw

Can you remember the last time you were in love? Your heart went ahhh. It was such a wonderful feeling. It's the same thing with loving yourself except that you will never leave. Once you have your love for yourself, it's with you for the rest of your life, so you want to make it the best relationship you can have.

— Louise Hay

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