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Advisor Quotes

When you give up the hope that some advisor, some system, some source of inside tips is going to give you a shortcut to wealth, youll finally begin to gain control over your financial future.
— Harry Browne —

Thy shalt not worship thy investment advisor, for if she were so smart she would be retired by now.

— Steven J. Lee

Mentor is someone who has already done what you want to do and is successful at doing it. Don't find an advisor. An advisor is someone who tells you how to do it but may not have personally done it.

— Robert T. Kiyosaki

I am Devlin, brother and advisor to the High Queen, assassin, and keeper of order.

— Melissa Marr

We often forget that Iran has a long tradition and history with the United States. Iranians have been coming to the United States as students for decades. American businessmen were in Iran developing the oil fields ... There was an American financial advisor to the Iranian government in the early part of the century.

— Elaine Sciolino

Be your own guide, confidant and advisor. Trust yourself above all others.

— Truth Devour

He was a volatile mixture of confidence and vulnerability. He could deliver extended monologues on professional matters, then promptly stop in his tracks to peer inquisitively into his guest's eyes for signs of boredom or mockery, being intelligent enough to be unable fully to believe in his own claims to significance. He might, in a past life, have been a particularly canny and sharp-tongued royal advisor.

— Alain De Botton

In this case, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger's orders were being carried out-"anything that flies on anything that moves," an open call for genocide that is rare in the historical record.

— Noam Chomsky

I was talking to my spiritual advisor. I got a letter from somebody who said that they were about to kill themselves, but they listened to a song of mine and it saved their lives.

— David Friedman

In fact, it is virtually impossible for students to do their own research without someone guiding their work. Having an advisor is absolutely essential.

— Edward Frenkel

Love points the way. Desire is its ignorant advisor.

— Elfriede Jelinek

What if your advisor talks only about returns, not risk? ... It's his job to take risk into account by telling you the range of possible outcomes you face. If he won't, go to a new planner, someone who will get real.

— William Forsyth Sharpe

Arnold Schwarzenegger has hired billionaire Warren Buffett as his senior economic advisor. And not to be outdone Gary Coleman announced his senior economic adviser will be Thurston Howell the Third.

— Conan O'Brien

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