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Forse per questo, a partire da un certo momento nella mia adolescenza ho cominciato a tracciare uninvisibile linea di confine tra me e gli altri. Stabilivo sempre una precisa distanza tra me e la persona con cui avevo a che fare e, stando sempre attento che quella distanza non si riducesse, studiavo latteggiamento dellaltro.
— Haruki Murakami —

A good wife is Royal in Heart. She is a crown to her husband, and pride to the home where she was raised. She is called a W.I.F.E because she is a Woman In Full Effect.

— Olaotan Fawehinmi

Dreamt I stood in a china shop so crowded from floor to far-off ceiling with shelves of porcelain antiques, etc. that moving a muscle would cause several to fall and smash to bits. Exactly what happened but instead of a crashing noise, an august chord rang out, half cello, half celeste, D major (?), held for four beats. My wrist knocked a Ming vase affair off its pedestal-E flat. Whole string section, glorious, transcendant, angels wept. Deliberately now, smashed a figurine of an ox for the next note, then a milkmaid, then Saturday's Child-orgy of shrapnel filled the air, divine harmonies my head.

— David Mitchell

For example, for most of our loyal repeat customers, we do surprise upgrades to overnight shipping, even though we only promise them standard ground shipping when they choose the free shipping option. In conjunction with that, we run our warehouse 24/7, which actually isn't the most efficient way to run a warehouse. The most efficient way to run a warehouse is to let the orders pile up, so that when a warehouse worker needs to walk around the warehouse to pick the orders, the picking density is higher, so the picker has less of a distance to walk. But we're not trying to maximize for picking efficiency. We're trying to maximize the customer experience, which in the e-commerce business is defined in part by getting orders out to our customers as quickly as possible. The combination of a 24/7 warehouse, surprise upgrades to overnight shipping, and having our warehouse located just fifteen

— Tony Hsieh

Forse per questo, a partire da un certo momento nella mia adolescenza ho cominciato a tracciare un'invisibile linea di confine tra me e gli altri. Stabilivo sempre una precisa distanza tra me e la persona con cui avevo a che fare e, stando sempre attento che quella distanza non si riducesse, studiavo l'atteggiamento dell'altro.

— Haruki Murakami

18For a through him we both have b access in c one Spirit to the Father. 19So then you are no longer d strangers and aliens, [4] but you are e fellow citizens with the saints and f members of the household of God, 20 g built on the foundation of the h apostles and prophets, i Christ Jesus himself being j the cornerstone, 21 k in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into l a holy temple in the Lord. 22In him m you also are being built together n into a dwelling place for God by [5] the Spirit.

— Anonymous.

The price of an e-book is a lot less than the price that we're charging for a hardcover book. It's about the same as we charge for a paperback. And that means a different revenue stream.

— Jonathan Galassi

Life has ceased to be lived in a closed world the center of which was man; the world has become limitless and the same time threatening. By losing his fixed place in a closed world man loses the answer to the meaning of his life; the result is that doubt has befallen him concerning himself and the aim of life. He is threatened by powerful superpersonal forces, capital and the market. His relationship to his fellow men, with everyone a potential competitor, has become hostile and estranged; he is free - that is, he is alone, isolated, threatened from all sides. [H]e is overwhelmed with a sense of his individual nothingness and helplessness. Paradise is lost for good, the individual stands alone and faces the world - a stranger thrown into a limitless and threatening world. The new freedom is bound to create a deep feeling of insecurity, powerlessness, doubt, aloneness, and anxiety.

— Erich Fromm

[H]e looked like a real bruiser as he stepped from his car, his big sunglasses giving the impression that a large bug had evolved to the point that it could wear a suit.

— John Connolly

Show me a Professor of Education, especially a Professor of E-learning, who lectures, and I'll show you a hypocrite who doesn't read the research.

— Donald Clark

SeLF censorsHIP?
Not my strong suit ... I dont want to be a total d o u c h e b a g , but a little bit of one.

— Misha Collins

India's democracy where over 1 billion people have a voice in deciding their future is a world example of how governance can incorporate diversity into a movement for inclusive growth. New modes of democratic engagement, especially through using e-governance are allowing greater access to fundamental rights for all our people.

— Narendra Modi

If a man's aspirations towards a righteous life are serious..if he earnestly and sincerely seeks a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from animal food, because, not to mention the excitement of the passions produced by such food, it is plainly immoral, as it requires an act contrary to moral feeling, i. e., killing - and is called forth only by greed.

— Leo Tolstoy

I heard the story of a man, a blasphemer ... an atheist, who was converted singularly by a sinful action of his. He had written on a piece of paper, "God is nowhere," and ordered his child to read it, for he would make him an atheist too. The child spelled it, "God is n-o-w h-e-r-e. God is now here." It was a truth instead of a lie, and the arrow pierced the man's own heart.

— Charles Spurgeon

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