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30 For 30 Unguarded Quotes

You can. Trust me, baby. Ill take care of you. Let go, let everything else fade away. As Sean speaks, his voice becomes deeper and more unguarded.
— H.M. Ward —

Insomniacs should not be forced to exist in a realm with reflective glass. From the first look I'm boxed in a prism, rainbows charming the other dark-circled self into sharing my prison. One eye turns on the other, each accusing the other of being responsible for an appearance oddly elfin, before exiting head and bouncing like lottery balls through the mirror walls and then drifting up and out the open and unguarded Well of the Wyrd. There, everyone with mirrors and mushrooms is waiting for me, faded and dissolved into giggles.

— Amanda Sledz

Our unguarded reactions are the most honest ones.

— Lisa Mantchev

The girl in the mirror caught my eye briefly ... It is an uncanny feeling, that rare occasion when one catches a glimpse of oneself in repose. An unguarded moment, stripped of artifice, when one forgets to fool even oneself.

— Kate Morton

Though it pained me, I gave in. Why was it that I repeatedly succumbed to the first whisper of a promised maybe? How did the enticer, hope, always find my heart unguarded? There was no such thing as hope. Not for me. Why was it so hard to accept that?

— Richelle E. Goodrich

The gift of presence is a rare and beautiful gift. To come - unguarded, undistracted - and be fully present, fully engaged with whoever we are with at that moment.

— John Eldredge

Why shouldn't the death of a person you love bring you into lurid ruin? You don't know how to love the one you love until they disappear abruptly. Then you understand how thinly distanced from their suffering, how sparing of self you often were, only rarely unguarded of heart, working your networks of give-and-take.

— Don DeLillo

Ronan watched Gansey over the body of the creature - it seemed even larger in its death - and his expression was as unguarded as Gansey had ever seen it. He was being made to understand that this, all of it, was a confession. A look into who Ronan really had been the entire time he had known him. What

— Maggie Stiefvater

SheAlmighty had tuned each person in a musical key, and Kasper could hear it. Best in the brief, unguarded moments when people were nearby but didn't yet know he was listening. So he waited by the window, as he was doing now.

— Peter Høeg

The men buckled on their weapons and started outside amid high expectations, taking care not to leave their backs unguarded
just in case
for Jesus may have said something about brothers, but he made no mention of cousins.

— Arturo Pérez-Reverte

The part of you that is unhampered by illusion-the illusion of time, the illusion of powerlessness, the illusion of impossibility-i s waiting for you to slow down and open up so that it can speak to your consciousness. In some unguarded moment, you will hear its wildly improbable words and know that they are guiding you home.

— Martha Beck

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