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21 Years Funny Quotes

I started writing when I was 9 years old. I was like this weird kid who would just stay in my room, typing little funny magazines and drawing comic strips.
— R.L. Stine —

I felt empty and sad for years, and for a long, long time, alcohol worked. I'd drink, and all the sadness would go away. Not only did the sadness go away, but I was fantastic. I was beautiful, funny, I had a great figure, and I could do math. But at some point, the booze stopped working. That's when drinking started sucking. Every time I drank, I could feel pieces of me leaving. I continued to drink until there was nothing left. Just emptiness.

— Dina Kucera

Ialways think it's funny when Indians celebrate Thanksgiving. I mean, sure, the Indians and Pilgrims were best friends during the first Thanksgiving, but a few years later, the Pilgrims were shooting Indians.
So I'm never quite sure why we eat Turkey like everybody else. (101)

— Sherman Alexie

You can't throw away years of your life because it makes a funny anecdote.

— David Nicholls

It's funny, like 15 years ago when I was a kid doing all the John Hughes movies, I remember Bruce Willis was the only guy who was transitioning from television into film.

— Anthony Michael Hall

I'm not at all funny. I can do dark comedy pretty well, but straight-up comedy, I don't know. I'm much darker. I've been like that since I was 3 years old.

— Rooney Mara

When I had my daughter, Louisanna, two and a half years ago, I started recording every funny or sweet thing she said or did on my phone.

— Leelee Sobieski

My parents' marriage is a gift to everyone around them - 60 years of making their kids laugh. How many parents are actually funny?

— Louise Erdrich

Craig McDean was probably one of the first people I shot with. I shot with him for years with Tommy Hilfiger and a few other jobs. He's just so nice and just a super normal, funny guy.

— Jacquelyn Jablonski

I love to swim. When I jump in the water, I feel like I'm 12 years old again. It's really funny how it does that to me.

— Summer Sanders

I had a hip replacement a couple of years ago. I have a song about that. And why wouldn't you? It strikes me that that was a huge event. It's kind of funny and horrible and interesting, so why wouldn't one write about that?

— Loudon Wainwright III

I've worked for years with Michael Kors, and he's just like this funny, charismatic guy.

— Erin Heatherton

Funny how I was old enough by sixteen to drink, fight and vote, but even two years later I am to young to respect.

— Amie Kaufman

It has affected me very much in the last 10 years. I get it from my grandmother. She was very superstitious as well. I'm funny about numbers. It's become a phobia, so I have to watch it. It affects your day a lot. Before I go on stage, there are certain things I do that are semi-sort of Gypsy superstitious things, but I'm coping with them. It hasn't affected the music, thank God. If you got really bad, you'd say I'll pick that note instead of that one or sing this song before that.

— Rory Gallagher

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