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21 Year Old Quotes

I did all the stupid things youd expect from a 21-year-old kid with money.
— Curt Schilling —

I'd much rather dress like a 5 year old than a 21 year old. I'd much rather wear a puffy sleeved shirt than some low-cut top.

— Elle Fanning

After a pretty amazing year that included more wins than I thought possible, I rang in 2013 by watching the Times Square ball drop on TV ... and then heading directly to bed. It might not have been the typical New Year's Eve for a 21-year-old, but what can I say? It was a training night!

— Ashley Wagner

When you start performing, you realize that you have to separate yourself from the pack. So I would never wear bell-bottoms, which everybody else was wearing. I had short hair - and to see a 21-year-old guy walk onstage without longish hair was, in itself, weird. Every entertainer needs a shtick.

— Loudon Wainwright III

No man is so old as to believe he cannot live one more year.

— Sean O'Casey

If you ask the typical two- or three-year-old or a teenager what a robot is, they will think about a humanoid that does my homework for me or walks the dog. When I go and talk to kids and pull out the Roomba, it's not this big 'Wow!' moment.

— Colin Angle

I can do a 'Maxim' shoot and be super sexy, but I'm also just a 21-year-old girl, and I look 17 sometimes.

— Julianna Guill

The younger generation watches what's interesting, not whether it's presented by someone who is as old as I am or someone who is as old as a 21-year-old. It's the material. If I did a series of conversations on things most interesting to Millennials, they would respond to it, and I do.

— Charlie Rose

The normal 21-year-old doesn't have to worry about their night out being put on TMZ.

— Lauren Conrad

I suspect I was not the first 21-year-old who thought he knew more than he did. And one of the virtues of age, one of the virtues of getting married and becoming a father, is it often leads one to take a more measured approach to life.

— Ted Cruz

The very essence of the opiate high was expressed by a twenty-seven-year-old sex-trade worker. She had HIV and has since died. "The first time I did heroin," she said to me, "it felt like a warm, soft hug." In that phrase she told her life story and summed up the psychological and chemical cravings of all substance-dependent addicts.

— Gabor Maté

I was a 21-year-old kid back then and I had my whole career in front of me. We were so close to reaching the World Cup and then we all woke up the next morning to realize our dreams had been dashed.

— Russell Latapy

Andy Ellis - the 21 year old, who turned 22 a few weeks ago.

— Murray Mexted

8 year old young girl came up to me when I went to speak at an elementary school, and she gave me a drawing. It was great and she said "I want to be just like you when I grow up and direct movies". And that just made me choke up. It was so cute, and the reason why she's looking at me is I look like her.

— Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Ram Dass, Krishna Dass, we all spoke through interpreters. There were good interpreters there, educated people in India speak English but Maharaji was the One, the Baba, Holy Man, mendicant, he didn't speak English. We talked to him and it was hard to know him, he was an ancient holy man and I was a 21 year old seeker. So I never knew what was going on, I mean I don't really know what's going on now, my guess work is a little better perhaps.

— Surya Das

Even today no computer can understand language as well as a three-year-old or see as well as a mouse.

— Vilayanur S. Ramachandran

It's strange because I'm a sex symbol to 14-year-old girls which I guess is not the most helpful situation to be in. But yeah, I've never really thought of it. It's just so funny. I mean, just last year I couldn't even get a date and then this year, the world turns and it's so bizarre that everybody just changes their mind at the same time.

— Robert Pattinson

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