2 Way Relationship Quotes

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2 Way Relationship Quotes

Though everyone had been uniformly gracious with me throughout our visit, I couldnt shake the feeling that I was being vetted in some way and that Id already come up short. Peter was the one they wanted; I was merely the collateral—the boyfriend, the grad-school widow. I was accustomed to monopolizing Peters affection, but for the first time in our relationship, I felt like Id arrived at a meeting only to find all the seats at the table filled.
— Dan Lopez —

It didn't matter how wonderful Andrew was and how much effort he was prepared to put into their relationship. While Lou didn't feel the same way, his love was only building a tower without foundations.

— Chris Manby

I wanted to see everything. It was around the time I acquired language, or even before that time, when something happened that changed my relationship to the spin of the world. My concept of language, of what was possible with music was changed by this revelatory moment. It changed even the way I look at the sun.

— Joy Harjo

It wasn't like there was some obvious change. Actually, the problem was more a lack of change. Nothing about her had changed - the way she spoke, her clothes, the topics she chose to talk about, her opinions - they were all the same as before. Their relationship was like a pendulum gradually grinding to a halt, and he felt out of synch.

— Haruki Murakami

Oh. My. Sweet. Lord," she gasped.
"If every time gets more intense, we'll burn out the relationship, he said hoarsely.
"But what a way to go." She nestled down into the crook of his arm when he shifted his weight to one side.

— Carolyn Brown

If grownups want to dress in Tudor costume, douse babies in water, intone over the dead and do strange things with wine and wafers, it is a free country. But for a Christian sect to claim ownership of the legal definition of a human relationship is way out of order.

— Simon Jenkins

There's something very intimate about taking someone's work, turning it over and unpicking it. In the same way people have unique handwriting people have a sewing style. You do start building a fantasy relationship with the person.

— Matt Smith

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