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1 Henry Iv Quotes

I think the Republicans and conservatives generally were alienated by Americas unsuccessful effort in Vietnam, and a lot of them, as Henry Kissinger admitted the other day, never got over President Nixons impeachment, and didnt think, even though there was a pattern of illegal conduct there, sanctioned by the White House and proved by the tapes and other documentary evidence and testimony, they didnt believe that the impeachment was justified, and they didnt think he should have resigned.
— William J. Clinton —

Henry believed that Marbury was a world out of balance. He needs to take a closer look at this one.

— Andrew Smith

Mel," I began, staring down, "there's something I have to tell you."
"I'm listening, babe."
"I kissed Henry when we were camping."
Well, it was a six-hour kiss, but who's counting?

— Ophelia London

Here, drink your liqueur," Henry said, tossing back her drink. "I carry it with me everywhere because it's the only kind of drink that Leo doesn't like, so there's a chance I'll still have some tomorrow.

— Eloisa James

I think that's the biggest favor you can grant anyone, don't you? Permission to be dull. I know Henry will sometimes say something so utterly uninteresting that I could faint. And that's when you know you're in love; the tedium isn't unbearable, it's lovely.

— Lionel Shriver

Don't be friends with jerks.

— R.J. Palacio

Into the soul of every student I would have instilled the patriotic fervor of Patrick Henry.

— David O. McKay

There's no rule that you have to like Henry Rollins the musician or the actor.

— Henry Rollins

Slowly, slowly, with a drugged, fathomless calm, Henry bent and picked up a handful of dirt. He held it over the grave and let it trickle from his fingers. Then, with terrible composure, he stepped back and absently dragged the hand across his chest, smearing mud upon his lapel, his tie, the starched immaculate white of his shirt.
I stared at him. So did Julian, and Francis, and the twins, with a kind of shocked horror. He seemed not to realise he had done anything out of the ordinary. He stood there perfectly still, the wind ruffling his hair and the dull light glinting from the rims of his glasses.

— Donna Tartt

In that small [time] most greatly lived this star of England:
Fortune made his sword, By which the world's best garden he achiev'd
And left it to his son imperial lord.
Henry the Sixth, in infant bands crown'd King
of France and England did this King succeed;
Whose state so many of had the managing,
That they lost France and made his England bleed.

— William Shakespeare

I'm married but the special man is my dog, Henry.

— Ana Gasteyer

The only way to stop Thierry Henry? With a gun!

— Gianluca Vialli

Larry King has been married more times than Henry the Eighth. We used to have that rhyme to keep track of them. 'Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived.' With Larry I think it goes, 'Divorced, beheaded, divorced, escaped. Zombie, lesbian, disappeared, inflatable.

— Craig Ferguson

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