Lauren Lipton Quotes: An Aphrodisiac Will Disappear Delusional

An Aphrodisiac Will Disappear,
delusional, Like Permanence Or Wealth -
a Shimmering, As If Love Were A Ghost -
and Yet My Passion For You Seethes And Sears
without An End. Late April Leaves Can't Crave
caress Of Dew, Sunlight's Sweet Splash, More Than
I Pine For Your Embrace, Us Turned To One;
when Harsh Reversals Scar, The Thought Of You Will Salve
like Summer Wind In Autumn; Deep Red Blood
surging Along With Mine, Staid Genes Worked Hot
from Your Electric Charms, As All My Moods
succumb To Your Sweet Fire, And Perfect Wit.
Now You Are All I Live For - Loving You -
in Fleeting World Of Lies, You Are The Truth.
— Lauren Lipton —

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