Elyse M. Fitzpatrick Quotes: Most Of Us Are Painfully Aware That Were

Most Of Us Are Painfully Aware That We're Not Perfect Parents. We're Also Deeply Grieved That We Don't Have Perfect Kids. But The Remedy To Our Mutual Imperfections Isn't More Law, Even If It Seems To Produce Tidy Or Polite Children. Christian Children (and Their Parents) Don't Need To Learn To Be "nice." They Need Death And Resurrection And A Savior Who Has Gone Before Them As A Faithful High Priest, Who Was A Child Himself, And Who Lived And Died Perfectly In Their Place. They Need A Savior Who Extends The Offer Of Complete Forgiveness, Total Righteousness, And Indissoluble Adoption To All Who Will Believe. This Is The Message We All Need. We Need The Gospel Of Grace And The Grace Of The Gospel. Children Can't Use The Law Any More Than We Can, Because They Will Respond To It The Same Way We Do. They'll Ignore It Or Bend It Or Obey It Outwardly For Selfish Purposes, But This One Thing Is Certain: They Won't Obey It From The Heart, Because They Can't. That's Why Jesus Had To Die.
— Elyse M. Fitzpatrick —

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