Chirag Tulsiani Quotes: Deny A Man Pleasure The Possession Of

Deny A Man Pleasure, The Possession Of Woman's Body And He Will Show You His True Colors.
He Will Dismiss His Frustration Onto Her, Forcibly Abuse Her, Offend Her All At The Cost Of His Desires, The Fulfillment Of His This Basic Appetite. And If You Are Not Yet Convinced Then Award Him The Opportunity Of Having Her Unconscious And Observe What He Does Henceforth.
He Would Consider The Situation To Be In His Favor And Make Most Of It.
No, He Wouldn't Be Tender Then, You Are Mistaken, He Would Be Insidious Much Like A Wild Animal Set Loose, Unleashed And Untameable That Is What He Would Really Be.
Or Lure A Woman With The Riches Of The World And She Will Prove To You, Her Infidelity. And That Is How People Are, Antagonistic When Forced To Come In Terms With Denial, Authoritative If The Situation Demands Them To Be And Hypocrites, Their Naked Faces Unanimously Declaring A Common Color, Black.
— Chirag Tulsiani —

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