Richard K. Morgan Quotes: Kovacs To A Female Believer In New

Kovacs To A Female Believer In New Revelation: ..I'm Calling You A Gutless Betrayer Of Your Sex. I Can See Your Husband's Angle, He's A Man, He's Got Everything To Gain From This Crapshit. But You? You've Thrown Away Centuries Of Political Struggle And Scientific Advance So You Can Sit In The Dark And Mutter Your Superstitions Of Unworth To Yourself. You'll Let Your Life, The Most Precious Thing You Have, Be Stolen From You Hour By Hour And Day By Day As Long As You Can Eke Out The Existence Your Males Will Let You Have. And Then, When You Finally Die, And I Hope It's Soon, Sister, I Really Do, Then At The Last You'll Spite Your Own Potential And Shirk The Final Power We've Won For Ourselves To Come Back And Try Again. You'll Do All Of This Because Of Your Fucking Faith, And If That Child In Your Belly Is Female, Then You'll Condemn Her To The Same Fucking Thing
— Richard K. Morgan —

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