Katie Alender Quotes: So Heres The Deal I Speak Up In Class I

So Here's The Deal:
I Speak Up In Class, I Get Sent To Office. Megan Speaks Up In Class, She's A "strong, Assertive Model Student."I Post A Few Flyers Saying That The Vending Machines On School Property Are A Sign That Our School Has Sold Out To Corporate-industrial Establishment, I Get (what Else?) Saturday Detention. Megan Starts A Campaign To Serve Local Foods In The Lunchroom (oh, And Can We Please Maybe Get Rid Of The Soda Machines?) And The Local Newspaper Does A Write-up About Her.
She's Like Me, Only Not. Not Like Me At All. She's The Golden Girl And I'm ... Tarnished.
So Forgive Me If I Hate Her A Little.
— Katie Alender —

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