Comte De Lautréamont Quotes: He Dreams He Is Happy That His Corporeal

He Dreams He Is Happy; That His Corporeal Nature Has Changed; Or At Least That He Has Flown Off Upon A Purple Cloud Of Another Sphere Peopled By Beings Of The Same Kind As Himself. Alas! May His Illusion Last Till Dawn's Awakening! He Dreams The Flowers Dance Round Him In A Ring Like Immense Demented Garlands, And Impregnate Him With Their Balmy Perfumes While He Sings A Hymn Of Love, Locked In The Arms Of A Magically Beautiful Human Being. But It Is Merely Twilight Mist He Embraces, And When He Wakes Their Arms Will No Longer Be Entwined. Awaken Not, Hermaphrodite. Do Not Wake Yet, I Beg You. Why Will You Not Believe Me? Sleep ... Sleep Forever. May Your Breast Heave While Pursuing The Chimerical Hope Of Happiness - That I Allow You; But Do Not Open Your Eyes. Ah! Do Not Open Your Eyes.
— Comte De Lautréamont —

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