David Brainard Quotes: Such Fatigues And Hardship As These

Such Fatigues And Hardship As These Serve To Wean Me More From The Earth; And, I Trust, Will Make Heaven The Sweeter. Formerly, When I Was Thus Exposed To Cold, Rain, Etc., I Was Ready To Please Myself With The Thoughts Of Enjoying A Comfortable House, A Warm Fire, And Other Outward Comforts; But Now These Have Less Place In My Heart (through The Grace Of God) And My Eye Is More To God For Comfort. In This World I Expect Tribulation; And It Does Not Now, As Formerly, Appear Strange To Me; I Don't In Such Seasons Of Difficulty Flatter Myself That It Will Be Better Hereafter; But Rather Think How Much Worse It Might Be; How Much Greater Trials Others Of God's Children Have Endured; And How Much Greater Are Yet Perhaps Reserved For Me. Blessed Be God That He Makes The Comfort To Me, Under My Sharpest Trials; And Scarce Ever Lets These Thoughts Be Attended With Terror Or Melancholy; But They Are Attended Frequently With Great Joy.
— David Brainard —

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