Krysta Williams Quotes: Labelling Is No Longer A Liberating

Labelling Is No Longer A Liberating Political Act But A Necessity In Order To Gain Entrance Into The Academic Industrial Complex And Other Discussions And Spaces. For Example, If So Called "radical" Or "progressive" People Don't Hear Enough "buzz" Words (like Feminist, Anti-oppression, Anti-racist, Social Justice, Etc.) In Your Introduction, Then You Are Deemed Unworthy And Not Knowledgeable Enough To Speak With Authority On Issues That You Have Lived Experience With. The Criteria For Identifying As A Feminist By Academic Institutions, Peer Reviewed Journals, National Bodies, Conferences, And Other Knowledge Gatekeepers Is Very Exclusive. It Is Based On Academic Theory Instead Of Based On Lived Experiences Or Values. Name-dropping Is So Elitist! You're Not A "real" Feminist Unless You Can Quote, Or Have Read The Following White Women: (insert Women's Studies 101 Readings).
— Krysta Williams —

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