Leora Cika Waldman Quotes: This Time Simone Did Not Smile At All I

This Time Simone Did Not Smile At All.
"I Cannot Tell That To You, Child. This Is A
secret I Am Not Allowed To Talk About. I Only Hope That You Will
know How To Follow The True And Right Path. And Now, Farewell!" She
turned Around And Walked Away Between The Bookshelves, Disappearing
from Their Sight.
Nirupa Looked At The Book She Held In Her
hand. On Its Thick Front Cover She Read:
Deep Shudders Shook Her Body. She Turned Her
head And Looked At Miss Bell, Who Also Looked Numb With Fear.
"Now That We Have Started The Adventure, Me
must Carry It Through To The End," Ni Whispered To Miss Bell,
opening The Book. She Did Not Have Time To See What Was Written
inside Because, Once The First Page Was Open, A Whirl Of Warm Air
sucked Ni And Miss. Bell Inside, In The Twinkle Of An Eye They
found Themselves Standing Up On The Main Street Of A Magnificent
— Leora Cika Waldman —

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