Upamanyu Chatterjee Quotes: In His Essay Agastya Had Said That His

In His Essay,Agastya Had Said That His Real Ambition Was To Be A Domesticated Male Stray Dog Because They Lived The Best Life.They Were Assured Of Food,and Because They Were Stray They Didn't Have To Guard A House Or Beg Or Shake Paws Or Fetch Trifles Or Be Clean Or Anything Similarly Meaningless To Earn Their Food.They Were Servile And Sycophantic When Hungry;once Fed,and Before Sleep,they Wagged Their Tails Perfunctorily Whenever Their Hosts Passes,as An Investment For Future Meals.A Stray Dog Was Free,he Slept A Lot,barked Unexpectedly And Only When He Wanted To,and Got A Lot Of Sex.
— Upamanyu Chatterjee —

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