Meg Jay Quotes: How Do You Get The Happy Ending John

How Do You Get The Happy Ending? John Irving Ought To Know. One Of My Favorite Authors, Irving Writes These Multigenerational Epics Of Fiction That Somehow Work Out In The End. How Does He Do It? He Says, 'I Always Begin With The Last Sentence ; Then I Work My Way Backwards, Through The Plot, To Where The Story Should Begin.' Thst Sounds Like A Lot Of Work, Especially Compared To The Fantasy That Great Writers Sit Down And Just Go Where The Story Takes Them. Irving Lets Us Know That Good Stories And Happy Endings Are More Intentional Than That.
Most 20 Something's Can't Write The Last Sentence Of Their Lives. But When Pressed, They Usually Can Identify Things They Want In Their 30s Or 40s Or 60s -or Things They Don't Want- And Work Backward From There. This Is How You Have Your Own Multigenerational Epic With A Happy Ending. This Is How You Live Your Life In Real Time.
— Meg Jay —

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