Henry David Thoreau Quotes: I Keep A Mountain Anchored Off Eastward

I Keep A Mountain Anchored Off Eastward A Little Way, Which I Ascend In My Dreams Both Awake And Asleep. Its Broad Base Spreads Over A Village Or Two, Which Does Not Know It; Neither Does It Know Them, Nor Do I When I Ascend It. I Can See Its General Outline As Plainly Now In My Mind As That Of Wachusett. I Do Not Invent In The Least, But State Exactly What I See. I Find That I Go Up It When I Am Light-footed And Earnest. It Ever Smokes Like An Altar With Its Sacrifice. I Am Not Aware That A Single Villager Frequents It Or Knows Of It. I Keep This Mountain To Ride Instead Of A Horse.
— Henry David Thoreau —

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