Mark Rippetoe Quotes: For Young Males That Weigh Between 150

For Young Males That Weigh Between 150-200 Lbs., Deadlifts Can Move Up 15-20 Lbs. Per Workout, Squats 10-15 Lbs., With Continued Steady Progress For 3-4 Weeks Before Slowing Down To Half That Rate. Bench Presses, Presses, And Cleans Can Move Up 5-10 Lbs. Per Workout, With Progress On These Exercises Slowing Down To 2.5-5 Lbs. Per Workout After Only 2-3 Weeks. Young Women Make Progress On The Squat And The Deadlift At About The Same Rate, Adjusted For Bodyweight, But Much Slower On The Press, The Bench Press, Cleans, And Assistance Exercises.
— Mark Rippetoe —

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