Albert Camus Quotes: What In Fact Is A Novel But A Universe

What, In Fact, Is A Novel But A Universe In Which Action Is Endowed With Form, Where Final Words Are
pronounced, Where People Possess One Another Completely,
and Where Life Assumes The Aspect Of Destiny? 3 The World Of The Novel Is Only A Rectification Of The World
we Live In, In Pursuance Of Man's Deepest Wishes. For The World Is Undoubtedly The Same One We Know.
The Suffering, The Illusion, The Love Are The Same. The Heroes Speak Our Language, Have Our Weaknesses
and Our Strength. Their Universe Is Neither More Beautiful Nor More Enlightening Than Ours. But They, At
least, Pursue Their Destinies To The Bitter End And There Are No More Fascinating Heroes Than Those Who
indulge Their Passions To The Fullest, Kirilov And Stavrogin, Mme Graslin, Julien Sorel, Or The Prince De
Cleves. It Is Here That We Can No Longer Keep Pace With Them, For They Complete Things That We Can Never
— Albert Camus —

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