Jen Turano Quotes: Iris Released A Sigh Honestly Ruby Weve

Iris Released A Sigh. 'Honestly, Ruby. We've Been Over This A Hundred Times In The Past Day. Bram And Miss Plum Will Not Be Getting Married. Your Brother Was Simply Being Chivalrous, Something He Tends To Do On A Far Too Frequent Basis.'
'You Say That As If Chivalry Is Not A Welcome Trait For A Gentleman To Have,' Ruby Said Slowly 'Why, Having Been Involved With A Gentleman Who Turned Out To Have Not A Single Chivalrous Bone In His Body, I Can Well Attest To The Allure That An Old-fashioned Gentleman With Old-fashioned Values Has To A Woman In These Trying Times.'
'Hear, Hear.
— Jen Turano —

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