Rebecca Solnit Quotes: Thoreaus Famous Night In Jail Took Place

[Thoreau's] Famous Night In Jail Took Place About Halfway Through His Stay In The Cabin On Emerson's Woodlot At Walden Pond. His Two-year Stint In The Small Cabin He Built Himself Is Often Portrayed As A Monastic Retreat From The World Of Human Affairs Into The World Of Nautre, Though He Went Back To Town To Eat With And Talk To Friends And Family And To Pick Up Money Doing Odd Jobs That Didn't Fit Into Walden's Narrative. He Went To Jail Both Because The Town Jailer Ran Into Him While He Was Getting His Shoe Mended And Because He Felt Passionately Enough About National Affairs To Refuse To Pay His Tax. To Be In The Woods Was Not To Be Out Of Society Or Politics.
— Rebecca Solnit —

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