M.L. Stedman Quotes: Coming Back Last Time To The House She

Coming Back Last Time To The House She Grew Up In, Isabel Had Been Reminded Of The Darkness That Had Descended With Her Brothers' Deaths, How Loss Had Leaked All Over Her Mother's Life Like A Stain. As A Fourteen-year-old, Isabel Had Searched The Dictionary. She Knew That If A Wife Lost A Husband, There Was A Whole New Word To Describe Who She Was: She Was Now A Widow. A Husband Became A Widower. But If A Parent Loss A Child, There Was No Special Label For Their Grief. They Were Still Just A Mother Or A Father, Even If They No Longer Had A Son Or Daughter. That Seemed Odd. As To Her Own Status, She Wondered Whether She Was Still Technically A Sister, Now That Her Adored Brothers Had Died.
— M.L. Stedman —

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