Charles Haddon Spurgeon Quotes: It Will Be Well For Him If At Such Times

It Will Be Well For Him If At Such Times He Listens Only To His  Master's Word, For Other And Evil Advisers Come With Their Suggestions.  Despair Whispers, "Lie Down And Die; Give It All Up." But God Would  Have Us Put On A Cheerful Courage, And Even In Our Worst Times, Rejoice  In His Love And Faithfulness. Cowardice Says, "Retreat; Go Back To The  Worldling's Way Of Action; You Cannot Play The Christian's Part, It Is  Too Difficult. Relinquish Your Principles." But, However Much Satan May  Urge This Course Upon You, You Cannot Follow It If You Are A Child Of  God. His Divine Fiat Has Bid Thee Go From Strength To Strength, And So  Thou Shalt, And Neither Death Nor Hell Shall Turn Thee From Thy Course.  What, If For A While Thou Art Called To Stand Still, Yet This Is But To  Renew Thy Strength For Some Greater Advance In Due Time.
— Charles Haddon Spurgeon —

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