Sarah Addison Allen Quotes: There Was A Strange But Universal

There Was A Strange But Universal Understanding Among Women. On Some Level All Women Knew, They All Understood, The Fear Of Being Outnumbered, Of Being Helpless. It Throbbed In Their Chests When They Thought About The Times They Left Stores And Were Followed. The Knocks On Their Car Windows As They Were Sitting Alone At Red Lights, And Strangers Asking For Rides. Having Too Much To Drink And Losing Their Ability To Be Forceful Enough To Just Say No. Smiling At Strange Men Coming On To Them, Not Wanting To Hurt Their Feelings, Not Wanting To Make A Scene. All Women Remembered These Things, Even If They Had Never Happened To Them Personally. It Was A Part Of Their Collective Unconscious.
— Sarah Addison Allen —

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