Paulo Coelho Quotes: They Know What The Perfumes Are Going To

They Know What The "perfumes" Are Going To Say Because They
always Say The Same Thing, But They Pretend To Believe Them Anyway.
(a)"I Could Change Your Life."
(b)"A Lot Of Women Would Like To Be In Your Shoes."
(c)"You're Young Now, But What Will Become Of You In A Few
years' Time? You Need To Think About Making A Longer-term
(d)"I'm Married, But My Wife ... " (This Opening Line Can Have
various Endings: " ... Is Ill," " ... Has Threatened To Commit
suicide If I Leave Her," Etc.)
(e)"You're A Princess And Deserve To Be Treated Like One. I Didn't
know It Until Now, But I've Been Waiting For You. I Don't Believe
in Coincidences And I Really Think We Ought To Give This Relationship A Chance.
— Paulo Coelho —

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