Lisa Kleypas Quotes: He Dismounted And Helped Amelia To The

He Dismounted And Helped Amelia To The Ground. At His Direction, She Sat On A Fallen Birch Log While He Set Up A Makeshift Camp. She Waited With Her Hands Folded Neatly In Her Lap, Watching His Every Movement As He Pulled A Bundle Of Blankets From The Packsaddle. In A Few Minutes He Had Made A Fire In The Stone-circled Pit And Laid Out A Pallet Beside It.
Amelia Hurried To The Pile Of Blankets And Burrowed Beneath The Layers Of Wool And Quilted Cotton. "Is It Safe Out Here?" She Asked, Her Voice Muffled.
"You're Safe From Everything But Me." Smiling, Cam Lowered Himself Beside Her.
— Lisa Kleypas —

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