Lisa Kleypas Quotes: I Have Nothing To Offer You He Finally

I Have Nothing To Offer You," He Finally Said In A Guttural Voice.
Win's Lips Had Turned Dry. She Moistened Them, And Tried To Speak Through A Thrill Of Anxious Trembling. "You Have Yourself," She Whispered.
"You Don't Know Me. You Think You Do, But You Don't. The Things I've Done, The Things I'm Capable Of
you And Your Family, All You Know Of Life Comes From Books. If You Understood Anything
"Make Me Understand. Tell Me What Is So Terrible That You Must Keep Pushing Me Away."
He Shook His Head.
"Then Stop Torturing The Both Of Us," She Said Unsteadily. "Leave Me, Or Let Me Go."
"I Can't," He Snapped. "I Can't, Damn You." And Before She Could Make A Sound, He Kissed Her.
— Lisa Kleypas —

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